3dcover1.png          The author, Ken Callahan drives this story home in a classic nail-biting fashion.  His knowledge of the marshes and creeks around Suwannee Florida come from a lifetime of fishing and boating in every canal with enough with water to float his boat and many with less than that.  His knowledge of the Air Force comes from serving his country, though not as provocatively as the character Marsh Witt.  His knowledge of infinite wealth comes from fantasy and imagination. 
           Ken Callahan combines his knowledge, fantasy, and imagination to bring to life a superb story that will keep this book glued to your hands and hold your attention hostage till the very end.

          Marsh Witt, son of a crab fisherman grew up and served his country well until that day in a Philippine bar that left Marsh clinging to life but not before he took the lives of his assailants. 
   With his career ended, he returned home to the sleepy little fishing village of Suwannee Florida to follow in his father’s footsteps.  Crabbing and guiding for sport fishermen left him with barely enough money to keep gas in the boat and food in his belly.  That was all about to change.
          Fate brought him Samantha, the beautiful and wealthy photographer who was targeted for kidnapping.  After a hair-raising chase and many dead bodies in their wake, Marsh gets the beauty safely out of Suwannee.  She will not let his bravery go unrewarded.
          Jeffrey Holden, a mysterious stranger with an even stranger claim.  He wants to “transition” Marsh Witt into one of the wealthiest men is the state of Florida.  Marsh’s disbelief is soon quelled when he sees what Jeffrey can make happen with just a phone call.  Marsh soon finds himself with more power and money than Suwannee has ever witnessed.
          Could this fantasy come crashing down around him and could his past repeat itself?  With a loved one dead and Marsh as a prime suspect, will this dream-come-true actually become a nightmare?


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