“When I was a boy I was given a gift.  I learned to play tennis better than most of my peers with little effort on my part.  I dreamed of going pro but I let the dream die and I lost the gift”.

“When I was a teenager I was given the gift of music.  I taught myself to play guitar and sing.  While using my new gifts I found another, I was a songwriter.  I dreamed of being a star but I let the dream die and I put the gifts away.”

“When my thirties arrived I dusted off the gifts and dove headlong into music.  I worked hard at my music and I found a new gift.  I was an entertainer.  I followed the dream and it was fulfilling for many years but eventually I let the dream die and I lost the gifts.”

“I crossed into my forties and realized I had been given the gift of writing.  I wrote for fun and my gift grew.  Suddenly, I was given the gift of a book.  The story poured out onto my computer with little effort from me.  At times I wrote without knowledge of where the story was going.  I just kept typing, following its lead.”

“Now I am turning fifty and my new gift is still with me.  The book is in print and it’s not going away.  My next book has begun leading me in the same way without much effort from me.  I pray that this dream never dies.”

                                                                           Ken Callahan